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FINISHED! by CreatorOfDarkHeaven

Hmm, quite an interesting piece of work, i myself have never messed with pixel art and it looks very difficult, i must say you did a fa...

Chrono x Rosa in Meadow Reach - Sobata Commission by MrPloxyKun

Okay, first off, beyond amazing. The style is a near realistic interpretation and the effects of the lighting make it even greater. I a...

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FOr those of you who were patient.....your dutifully the long awaited update..for SCOCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...please enjoy ^^..the next part will finish up the chapter...i hope you all read..and enjoy is the songs that helped me with this particular part..i listen ot music so it helps me build with here ya go..

Bunny vs Cocytus:…

Vaebrae and Zypher vs Aurvangr:…

Sonia vs Acheron:…

Sobata vs Annie:…

“You’re funny hahahaha!” Bunny dodges another strike with simple grace leaping from the ground as a large hammer crashes down, at its hilt is the hand belonging to a woman clearly pissed. Cocytus angrily lifts up the impressively sized hammer, her eyes wide with rage.
“Stay put and let me kill you! You little bitch!” Cocytus swings her hammer once more, Bunny almost easily dodges it once again. With an impossibly wide grin, Bunny chuckles.
“Oh big bad word huh? Kehehe, saying those words make you look weeaaaaaaak.….o oh! And really REALLY uuuuuugly!”
The smoke could literally be seen coming out of Cocytus’s ears as her face becomes seven shades of red.  “Damn you….” She growls angrily.
“DAMN YOU DAMN YOU DAMN YOU DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!” She cries now bringing the hammer up with surprising strength and swings it with unnatural speed catching Bunny off guard. The hammer collides and hits her side with incredible force. Cocytus not caring of the outcome, only happy that she finally hit her target, widens her eyes with manic anger. She suddenly stops however as even though the hammer hits the wall, instead there is a blood red haired psychopath clinging to the hammer, blood escaping her lips as she clutches a big butcher knife in her mouth, a tear in the fabric of her shirt reveals a dark bruise on her side. Yet she looks perfectly fine, seeming to be unfazed by the strike. Her eyes shine with brutal insanity, dilating constantly, their grey and blue glow strikes a fearful chord within Cocytus somehow as the maniac young woman suddenly crawls with incredible speed right up to Cocytus who tries swinging her off of the hammer. Almost within a fraction of a second Bunny’s lips are next to Cocytus’s ear.
“My turn.” She barely whispers as Cocytus, almost not making it, dodges a slice at her neck. She brings her leg up and kicks Bunny’s chest, once again the red head seems completely unfazed as she is blown back and away. Cocytus catches her breath; suddenly her mind is beset by many thoughts.
“How….How can this be? She…took two of my attacks and…why isn’t she groveling in pain? What kind of creature is she?!” The thoughts run through her mind wildly. Bunny lifts herself up chuckling madly, blood drips from her mouth as she licks her bloody knife, her eyes filled with pure malice.
“Blood?” Cocytus mutters confused until she touches her neck. Her hand comes back…soaked in her blood…her eyes widen madly at the sight.
“Heheeh…aww I didn’t cut deep enough? Poopy, I was hoping to take your head.” Bunny continues to giggle only to pause slightly tilting her head with a sickening grin at the now shaking woman.
“YOU BITCH!!!!” Cocytus lifts her head revealing her glowing eyes filled with absolute wrath. “NO ONE FUCKING TOUCHES ME!!! I WILL TEAR YOU APART!!!!” She charges recklessly at Bunny who just stops smiling and holds out her blood soaked knife.
“Mmm…now you want to play?...Let’s play.”
“Damnit!!” Vaebrae uses his impressive speed once more to close in on Aurvangr, only for the little Knightmare to disappear into another void that appears above him.
“Come out and fight, you coward!!!” Vaebrae yells as he swings his sword at thin air, his eyes strangely wide and angry.
“Vaebrae!! Calm down this is just what he wants!” Zypher yells as his eyes scan around the large room. Suddenly he waves his arm toward his left just as a rift opens behind Vaebrae, a large ball of fire blasts forth, surprising the vampire. Focusing his energy Zypher summons a rift just in time on the other side. A blue hole opens up and the fire ball flies right inside, a loud hissing being heard just as steam erupts from the hole. Vaebrae quickly jumps back to Zypher’s side.
“Damnit I know that. Tch….this kid is seriously getting on my nerves…..and besides I could have easily handled that attack you know. You didn’t have to waste your energy.” He glances at the young man.
“It’s called being a teammate…..and we are definitely gonna have to work together on this…” Zypher then pauses for the longest time, his eyes scanning the room carefully. Suddenly in a split instant he waves his arm and another rift opens just as a black one rips through the air. From the black void comes a familiar boy with a sinister smirk.
“Howdy losers!” He quickly jumps out of the void just as a large beast seeming to be made of electricity blasts out. Its body seems almost see through as the electricity emitting form it seems to outline the shape of the beast. However, Aurvangr just now notices the other void that Zypher had summoned. Zypher’s rift lets out what appears to be a majestic serpent with bright gold flames that let off a tremendous warmth. Vaebrae is almost captivating by the brilliant display as the collisions of the Electric and Fire Demons lights up the entire room, filling it with pulsating and vibrant light. As the explosion concludes, the rifts suddenly close together as the beasts seem to diminish from existence.
“Damn dude…..” Vaebrae mutters silently.
“Keep your head in the game.” Zypher pants heavily, the sweat dripping from his brow. Vaebrae notices this and takes a deep breath and once again readies his blade. However he pauses and stares at Aurvangr showing an expression of pure anger.
“You…YOU MEDDLESOME IDIOTS!!!!” He suddenly yells as he literally throws a tantrum, much to the Vampire’s and Rifter’s disbelief. In the most comical yet impossible way, steam shoots form the little boy’s ears as his face becomes blood red.
“What the...freaking hell?” Zypher mutters to himself as he raises an eyebrow in confusion.
“God he’s acting like a little kid.” Vaebrae states the obvious. As soon as the ‘little kid’ leaves Vaebrae’s lips, Aurvangr suddenly gets louder.
“I’M A FREAKING GENIUS YOU INGRATES!!!! YOU CAN’T JUST DISRUPT MY PLAN!! YOU STUPID SON OF A FREAKINGDUHURENSOHNSIEDUMMFUHRT!!!!!!!!” (translation – “You son of a bitch!” And “You stupid head!”…he went on a German rant..sorry if my German is off, I put the words together to make it like he was going on a rant. Also if I offended any German people...I do apologize and I meant no offense, you can blame me though...for making such a snot nosed antagonist.)
“What..the..” Vaebrae loses focus at the child’s rant.
“This is it…..” Zypher suddenly mutters. As he focuses his power once more. Auravangr continues.
“DIE DAMN YOU!!!!” His aura seems to magnify in destructive intensity, and he summons a large rift which spews forth a black bolt of electrical power, to which instantly Zypher magnifies his own energy summoning a rift which absorbs the bolt rather easily. The two men instantly realize the obvious.
“Intense anger makes him lose his focus.” Zypher says. He makes a mental note, “I could feel it the moment he attacked us just now...his power was insane...but...not as complex.” He finds himself smirking. This smirk only causes Aurvangr to become even more angry.
“DAMN YOU DAMN YOU DAMN YOU!!!!!!!” Then to Zypher’s surprise a multitude of rifts start to open around Aurvangr.
“Don’t!!! If you do that you’ll-!” Zypher starts to yell.
“SHUT UP!!!!!!!” Veins seem to bulge around Aurvangr’s skin, much more than what is believed to be possible. The eye which possesses multiple, starts to stretch, his skin seeming to crack as blood escapes its’ owner.
“What the hell is happening to him?” Vaebrae asks as he keeps his blade at the ready. Not answering him, Zypher simply releases a new wave of energy. Several glyphs with ancient writing start to appear all around him and Vaebrae.
“What..the….” Vaebrae mutters.
“I WILL KILL YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!!! DIE!!!!!!”  Aurvangr yells, his voice suddenly becoming distorted as his skin seems to fall apart, something glowing in the center of his chest.
“Seriously what the hell?! Damn, everything coming from him is-?!” Vaebrae is suddenly silenced as a large rainbow colored sort of dome envelopes them both, with Zypher at the center. On the outside Aurvangr lets out a howl of pure rage and anger. His outburst completely indistinguishable to be normal language, he continues as his skin becomes a pitch black with blood red cracks ripping in his skin. A massive surge of power rips through the air, and in a brilliant flash of destructive light, Aurvangr’s body starts to break apart, exploding.
Feeling the destructive aura, Vaebrae braces himself as Zypher seems to go to one knee panting heavily as the sweat drips from the tip of his nose.
“H-hey…man are you okay?” Vaebrae asks concerned.
“Jus…Just let me focus…” Zypher mutters as he strains against the energy until finally it dies down, the barriers light seeing to fluctuate. As Zypher takes a deep breath, he finally lowers his arms, the barrier soon following as its glimmer dies away. All that is left in front of them is what could only be explained as an explosion sight. In front of them, a large crater with seared marks all over the walls….glowing heated rock….and in the center of this destruction, a single glowing sphere, letting off a darkened luminescent glow.
“What the hell is that thing?” Zypher mutters as the two slowly walk toward it. Vaebrae instantly recognizes it, and silently as he pulls out his blade, stabs it through the center. As his blade cuts in, a black thick liquid spewed form the orb…and it slowly seemed to dissolve.
“That kid…was a Knightmare like Sobata….so…I guess it’s safe to say....that was his core.” Vaebrae explained, realizing Zypher might not have been completely aware about a Knightmare’s core. “Now….what the hell just happened?”
Zypher pauses slightly adjusting his robe, and wipes the sweat from his brow. “To be honest…I guessed. He had a power similar to mine…but his control was completely sporadic. Even if he had lived longer than us…he was still a kid…so he got arrogant.”
“Meaning?” Vaebrae mutters.
“Well…you may not know this….but manipulating dimensions takes a lot of focus and a lot of power….however it takes time to properly open rifts at will. If there is a single slip up in focus; then the sheer power can literally tear your body apart.” Zypher continues. The Vampire stares down at the ground where the orb once sat.
“So…..that’s why it takes you time…you have to spend a good portion trying to focus……”
“Yup…” Zypher cranes his neck slightly, twisting it around and popping it. “Otherwise…I’d be the same as this kid….” Suddenly the two feel an incredible surge of power that shakes the floor in which they stand.
“Whoa…geez what the hell!?” Zypher gasps. A feeling of dread and malice washes over the entire room.
“Damn…that’s Sobata…Come on we have to help him!” Vaebrae starts to run out of the room, with Zypher following closely behind.
“As if you had to tell me!!!” Zypher yells.
Sonia quickly dodges yet another strike heading for her head, close combat being one of her specialties. Acheron continues his series of swift jabs.
“You are very skilled Sonia!” He yells as he throws yet another punch to which Sonia quickly blocks with her own arms. Their eyes meet in intensity, two warriors battling to the death.
“I guess I should thank you then….but…” She quickly switches around taking hold of his arm and surprisingly swings him around with incredible strength, throwing him into a wall, to which Acheron lands on his feet, rebounding off said wall and landing almost gracefully back onto the floor. He stands once more readying his stance. Sonia does the same readying her fists as she seems to smirk. “…flattery means nothing on the battlefield.”
“Hmph, I was simply stating the obvious. For a human, you are very talented. Tell me though, do you possess a Master?”
“In a way I guess you could say that…..” Sonia pauses though as she suddenly lowers her guard. “Your name is Acheron yes? Can I ask you something?” In truth, she secretively wants to test something. Surprised by this, Acheron does the same, lowering his guard.
“You stop this fight for a question…..Fine then….what is distracting you? I refuse to sight an opponent who is not completely committed to the battle. It is truly dishonorable.” His is voice stern…yet not angry or annoyed. He has his arms crossed once more.
“….Why is someone like you working for Demicius?” This question actually causes Acheron to pause.
“Why do you wish to know…..and what do you mean someone like me?”
Sonia adjusts her gloves once more. “Well…for starters, you haven’t taken advantage of any of the openings I’ve left you….” Acheron simply stares indifferent.
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t play dumb…..I deliberately allowed myself to ‘mess up’…and you did not take advantage whatsoever……which leads me to believe…..You aren’t like any other opponent we’ve faced.”
“….” Acheron silently closes his eyes; then opens them meeting her gaze. “I owe my life to Lord Demicius….he gave me a reason when I had none for myself.” Sonia actually pauses at this sudden confession. “…..However, I am not blind to the ways things are….I am no man if I rely on those who cannot speak for themselves….You know who I am talking about.”
“The Rejected…..” She mutters silently, to which Acheron nods.
“Yes. I detest and feel nothing but sorrow….for such creations. Such beings, forced to only obey….it actually saddens me…” Acheron mutters.
“Then….I don’t understand…..You said you have your reasons….but….” Sonia actually pauses only for another voice to interrupt them.
“You just don’t get why huh? How someone this ‘Honorable’ can work for some badass evil demon huh? Kseksekske…I guess that is one thing that won’t change about you huh Sonia?” Sonia actually sighs slightly recalling this voice and turns toward the individual.
Bunny continues to bounce around as Cocytus swings her hammer with such intensity that the air seems to cry out.
“Kyahahahahaaaa! You are too sloooooowwww!!” Bunny laughs maniacally as she hops around dodging each earth shattering strike. However, she actually notices something beyond her carefree attitude. No matter the wound she inflicts, Cocytus seems to continuously recover, the only sign of her injuries being the obvious blood stains. As Bunny backs away into a wall she actually clutches her knife even tighter.
“Enough talk…You..are..dead..NOW!!!!” Just as Cocytus, the woman who seemed level headed only to be now an out of control mad woman, raises her hammer; Bunny just grins.
“Bloody go!!!” She yells, startling Cocytus who actually pauses glancing away for a split second to the stuffed bunny. Even in that instant she notices that the bunny itself appears to be grinning through squinted eyes. Yet it is that instant that costs her. Bunny suddenly dashes with incredible speed around Cocytus and in that moment Cocytus actually drops her hammer as multiple cuts appear on her wrists, chest and cheeks, cutting through the fabric of her dress.
“You….damn…Bitch!” Cocytus growls as she seems to fall to her knees, gripping the handle of her weapon. Bunny however just jumps away, twiddling with her knife as she stares at Cocytus.
“Hmm……say…why won’t my cuts stay hmm? Am I not cutting deep enough?” She asks tilting her head with a psychotically innocent smile.
“You..stupid….” Cocytus mutters as she stands hoisting her hammer up again. “As if I would tell y-“
“That your weakness is a little orb in your chest?” a voice sounds out getting the two girls attention. Standing at the door way are two figures; both young men. The first possesses light brown hair which seems to cover one half of his face, wearing a necklace with magatama beads on it as well as a white hoody sweatshirt. The other man seems to be covered in bandages, binding his arms to his body covering below his shoulders and up to his waist. His body seems to be floating as his head is lowered as well. Possessing hair as black as night and unkempt, his eyes possess the familiar look as that of a Knightmare; the sclera black and the pupils a deep gold. Under his left eye though, there appears to be a black brand mark, looking as if he were bleeding from that eye.
Bunny simply tilts her head looking at the black haired man, her eyes lighting up. “Oooooh…you look like Sobata!” Suddenly the black haired man looks up, his eyes widening.
“S…So….So…Sobata….h-he’s….He…here….” The sound of his voice is broken, as he tries to sound out each word, struggling with each one. This seems to upset the other man.
“Did I not tell you to shut up? Geez….” The other man just rubs the back of his head. “Trust me you are just gonna hurt yourself….so the guy you are looking for is here……shut up and then we’ll get you to him alright.” The man then looks at Bunny. “Hey you alright?” Bunny simply tilts her head and nods however….a sudden laughter fills the room, the owner of this being Cocytus.
“Are you kidding me!? Really? Alexander? The stupid ass reject?! Tchehehahahha…oh boy this just got better.”
“Reject huh?” The young man mutters as he cranes his neck. He then turns his gaze to Cocytus. “So….Who is this broad?” He asks no one in particular. The question actually causes Cocytus’s fury to reach a new octave.
“This is Coco!” Bunny lights up chuckling, which only pisses off Cocytus.
“You STUPID BITCH!!!” She swings her hammer once more at Bunny who easily dodges once more. “I am the mighty Cocytus of Lord Demicius’s Elite and I will not be made fun of!!!” She screams as she continues to swing wildly at Bunny, almost ignoring the young man and the one supposedly named Alexander.
“Huh…well then…..guess names can wait...though mine is Sterben, not that you are listening really.” The man named Sterben stands back watching the wild spectacle of cat chasing the wickedly psychotic mouse, all the while Alexander’s eyes seem to scan around the room.
“H-he…h…he…is..hh…here..uh….” he barely mutters.
“I told you to quiet down alright?” Sterben pauses and then yells. “Hey…Lady….if you want to kill this Cocytus you need to strike at her chest, that should be where her core is.”
“YOU ASSHOLES!!!” Cocytus shifts her attention and suddenly charges at the two men, as she brings her hammer down Alexander’s eyes suddenly widen and glow. A sudden burst of power erupts from him and a pair of floating gauntlets seems to appear out of thin air grabbing the hammer halting it completely. The gauntlets appear to be silver with claw like finger tips, floating in a strange cloud of aura that is connected to Alexander.
“W-what the?!” Cocytus manages to utter before Sterben takes advantage and delivers a devastating kick to her gut causing her to fly away and into the wall on the other side leaving the hammer.
“Sorry…I’m not one for hurting women….but in this case you are starting to make me angry…trust me I don’t even like myself when I’m angry….” Sterben mutters rather calmly. Cocytus struggles trying to stand once more as blood escapes her lips. The pure force of the kick actually did something worse. Sterben’s pinpoint kick aimed at the major weakpoint of the spinal column.
“I..I..can’t..move…er….D-Damn you all….I won’t….be killed by the likes…of you…especially some weakling like that….stupid…worthless….REJECT!!!” She screams staring daggers at Alexander, who seems unfazed except for his ever sad eyes.
“Hmmm…your wounds heal I have only a little time before that back of yours fixes itself…” Sterben pauses and then eyes Alexander before going back to Cocytus. “You keep calling him a reject…why is that?” Sterben mutters managing to lift Cocytus’s hammer with surprising ease.
“As..if..I would...answer…the likes of you!!!” Cocytus screams and suddenly lunges at Sterben who simply sighs, swinging the hammer right into her side causing both her and the hammer to fly away, crashing into the wall causing it to crumble partially. Leaving Cocytus pinned beneath large rubble, her upper half the only part exposed. Bunny, at one point, is sitting down with Bloody in her lap watching with wide eyes, giggling.
“ totally hit this nail on the head tchehehehee.” She giggles madly.
“Don’t ever make that pun again…” Sterben silently mutters as he walks toward Cocytus who is barely moving. He stands over her, now standing on one of the stones. Leaning down to her he lifts her head. “Listen…it’s obvious you are going to die here, so why don’t you make yourself useful and tell us what you know.” Cocytus barely opens one eye with a cynical sneer.
“You…disgusting….weaklings… I would… anythi-” She stops as she begins to cough blood. “You….will…all die…even if it’s…not hand…” She struggles to sit up, getting out of Sterben’s grasp. “Lord...Demicius will make you all suffe-” Her final words cut off by Sterben standing over her, his foot somehow stomped through her back; blood exploding all over the stones behind her.
Instantly something fires off out of her back hitting the stones, the blood stained object in the shape of a sphere. As it hits the stones it shatters releasing a bright purple glow as well as what sounds like faded screams of agony. The glow of her eyes instantly fades as her body seems to become completely grey like ash. Sterben twists his foot once and Cocytus is reduced to nothing more that a pile of fading dust.
“Huh…so that’s strange…..they all die differently…..” Sterben mutters to himself as he removes his foot from the dust pile shaking it of the dust.
“S-…So….b.a..” Alexander starts to mutter as the ground shakes with an incredible force. Bunny stands with Bloody in her arms, her expression lighting up and turning sinister.
“Heheehe….Soba’s having fun…”
“….So this Sobata…he’s the one giving off this nasty feeling huh?” Sterben mutters silently as he slowly steps toward the door. Bunny pauses slightly and watches as Alexander seems to float to the same destination, following Sterben.
“I bet they are going to Soba…what do you think Bloody?” She asks her little rabbit, which gives its unheard answer to her. “Yeah…you’re right….let’s follow them.” She giggles to herself as she hops along following the two newcomers.
“….Alter?”  Sonia mutters questioningly as the individual stands next to her, the two almost looking like a mirror of each other.
“Alter you say…Is this woman perhaps a sister of some sort?” Acheron asks with crossed arms. However this question instantly angers the newcomer.
“Okay you know what? I am getting sick and tired of this. So!...Mister whoever the hell you are…clean out those ears of yours and listen up. I..Am…Not..A WOMAN!!!” Alter yells angrily with a twisted grin. This angry display only makes Sonia sigh irritably.
“….well clearly you are no woman…I shudder to think of a woman with that personality. Unfortunately I do happen to know one and she is currently keeping your allies at bay.” Acheron mutters silently. However he suddenly speaks up. “How did you manage to get in here? Aurvangr adjusted the doors to where only a specific number could enter…the only way you could have gotten through is…”
“Kseksekse..let me guess..that Aurvangr person must be dead? Well I’ll tell you I didn’t see any seals or such on any doors when we got here…so that must be the case.” Alter continues to chuckle madly. Acheron simply rubs his temple with eyes shut.
“I see….To be honest I didn’t expect him to last as long as he did.” Acheron mutters causing Sonia to look up strangely.
“What do you mean?” Alter says in response as he puts his arms behind his head. Acheron remains silent for some time and then finally he raises his head looking at the pair.
“Aurvangr is the weakest of the three of us, as well as the least mature…..he might have lived at least 30 lifetimes…but even time can’t change a personality as twisted as his.” He mutters silently.
“…….so then…that means…” Sonia starts.
“Don’t think that your friends succeeded…If Aurvangr was more mature he would have succeeded. I have no intention of doubting the strength of your friends…they must be strong if Lord Demicius chose them to be brought here….but…Aurvangr’s death was of his own causing.” Acheron stands silently waiting for their response.
“W-wait a minute….” Sonia starts.
“What do you mean Demicius ‘chose’ us?” Alter continues, his demeanor changing instantly. Acheron closes his eyes and suddenly seems to float in the air.
“I have said too much………go to your friends…” Acheron mutters silently as his eyes glow.
“Wait...Acheron what are you..” Sonia starts as she actually reaches out to him.
“You just gonna run away now that it’s two to one?” Alter smirks. Acheron’s expression remains the same.
“….I have my reasons for exiting this orders were only to bide time…..and it’s not because it is two to one…I can easily take you both on….yet I choose not to.”
“But…Why!?” Sonia actually sounds concerned as she clenches her fist. “You…don’t seem like an enemy…you refuse to take advantage of opportunities to kill me...and you are so confident about your power that you say you could take us both on? Yet you are letting us go to our friends and just leaving? Why the hell is someone like you working for someone like Demicius?” Her voice rises slightly with her questioning.
“ are getting Sonia all worked up…what did you two while I was heading here?” Alter starts to chuckle.
“Will you shut up?!” Sonia snaps at Alter. Acheron sighs slightly.
“Sonia…..let me answer your question with a question of my own. You believe in what you think is right and what you think is wrong…yes?”
“O-of course I do.” Sonia stammers only slightly.
“There are as many systems of good and evil….as there are people in existence…the same can be said for us...who are neither human…nor demon. I have my own views that I take to heart and uphold. I serve Lord Demicius because I have my own reasons.” He closes his eyes slowly. “Sonia….I look forward to the day we can finish our battle…..farewell.” His body seems to fade, appearing as if it becomes static.
“Wait!!” Sonia yells in vain as Acheron’s body and aura fade away. “Damn it all…” she curses to herself.
“Huh…he was a weird one huh?” Alter mutters yawning. Sonia turns to him angrily.
“Listen you-” She instantly pauses as the ground begins to shake and an overwhelming malice fills the room.
“Well hello there?! What the frick is this power?!” Alter gasps as he braces his feet.
“That’s got to be Sobata…..damn it….come on Alter, he needs our help!” Sonia yells as she darts for the door. The blonde duplicate sighs rubbing his forehead.
“Alright alright..heh..things are getting interesting now.” He giggles as he follows Sonia.
“Ohohoho? That was quite a performance little man.” I can barely hear her voice. My vision is clouded by red….slowly covering where my left arm used to be I struggle to stay on my feet, looking back up at Annie. My head….the pain is so excruciating…the voices...won’t stop…I…I can hear it. The bodies of countless Knightmares surround me…I lost count on how many I…my left eye…everything is turning black.
“Hmhmhm…I’m surprised your still standing…but I’m happy you gave me such  wonderful little dance number…..what was that little thing you screamed again? Oh…what was it…sounded something silly like..Lunatic’s Barrage…hmhmhm…kyaahaha!!!” Annie’s disgusting laughter only makes me angrier…thus intensifying the voices…and the pain.
“S-shut..up….you….” I feel more pain as I collapse onto my knee, trying to hold the bloody stump of my shoulder… blood….mixing in with shadows….I can’t tell what’s going on…I can’t….heal it. My control is slipping.
“Oh you poor little baby….mmm…you satisfied me even if it was just a little…but…” She suddenly snaps her fingers and Drake slowly makes his way toward me, raising his scythe. “…but I’m afraid this little dance is over….in the end you are no different than the rest of those you just slain….a worthless…piece of garbage….hmhmh…goodbye…”
Drake is standing over me...his scythe raised high above his head. His eyes still dull...but for a moment…I can see his true self….telling me he is sorry. No…I…’t..die here…not…yet….I try raising my hand to summon something...any sort of power…yet…
“NOW DIE!!!” Annie yells as Drake brings the scythe down. I close my eyes waiting for the strike only to open my eyes feeling a familiar presence.
“Sorry it took me awhile to get here….” The voice registers instantly and I slowly raise my head seeing the one who is holding Drake’s scythe with her bare hands..halting its strike completely.
“S….Soki….” I barely mutter.
SCOCS CH 4 Mad Dance at the Catwalk Part 5
OOOOH and once again i prove i am goooooood at cliffhangers....anyway..what do you guys think so far? any thoughts on the massive turn of events going on?
Isaiah Sorelli (Update) by Sobata92
Isaiah Sorelli (Update)
A new young man has made his name known...with the noble desire to become a mighty Hero like his father..and a strong warrior like his mother...his name is's the deal...this character is the child of one of my characters..and 'someone' elses

So.....who gave birth to this young man?

I offer two hints.....look at his eye..and his which arm? heh..Your choice...i'll update with his full info once someone figures it out...or maybe..i'll do it when i feel like it..what do you guys think?
Well heres the answer...His father is Knightmare Alexander <da:thumb id="343402519">

and his mother is the Lady of Death herself Rikka Sorelli<da:thumb id="489266572">



Death Scythe: He is capable of summoning his own Reaper Scythe..however he has massive issues controlling its he doesn't like using it. He can sense he deaths of other people..and he has the power to see a person's life span...though he constantly chooses to nullify that power as it disturbs him greatly.

Knightmare Body: He is the child of a he also has abilities similar......however..his power is unique. He cannot use Knightmare power and Death power at the same time...his Knightmare essence is reflected in his left eye....while his Death power resides to his right....His Knightmare ability is the power to physically manifest weapons from the life force of those he is close he can essentially yank weapons out of people....but only those he has a connection can't be just random people so yeah......Like Sobata however..he does have a Knightmare's Core..but his is special...because he has the blood of the Queen of Death......he is essentially immortal..even if his core is crushed..unless he can comprehend the essence and nature of won't affect him..he is essentially immortal with the genetics of his parents.

Hellish Aura: Like his mother he has a destructively powerful's constantly kept in check and regulated..however..due to his personality..if you hurt someone close to is an example..if he punches you?...that single punch will have the same force and destructive a compressed supernova...

Jet black hair, pale skin, his left eye is the Knightmare's Gold and Black, while his right eye is normal, except for it's pupil being Blood red with a pentagram in its center. His left hand resembles his mothers, being with 4 large claws,  while his right resembles his fathers with a more human appearance.

Personality:....He is a freaking teddy bear. He is a pacifist who takes no joy in fighting..but he will fight when the situation calls for it. In normal situations he is a nervous child who doesn't speak often.....but you won't meet a nicer individual...Got any questions you want answered? Go ahead and ask.....I'll do my best to answr..also i'll be sure to let you guys know the origin of how Rikka and Alexander met
Time Twisting Lovers by Sobata92
Time Twisting Lovers
Okay so i was watching Steins Gate and i literally had no choice but to draw this ^^

Also..this is a Birthday gift to :iconmetalclawx: *Characters being me and her*

Happy Birthday ^^
Okay i totally stole this from :iconmetalclawx: so..yeah

Characters with abnormal hair scheme: Sobata, Dante
Characters with blue eyes: ...hmm....No one
Male Characters: Sobata, Alexander, Prince Kain, Isaiah, Tenma, Demicius, Asher, Renalius, Prometheus (yall are gonna see this guy eventually ^^)
Female Characters: Xena, Luna, Echo, Shiki
Bisexuals: Princess Celestine
Gays: None
Lost an eye or both eyes: Demicius
Have children: (SPOILERS) SObata, Alexander, Renalius, Demicius, Prometheus
Lost or divorced before: None
Once or is insane: Sobata(before Reincarnation), Prometheus
Lives as a human: Tenma, Isaiah
Seven Deadly Sins: None.....Except for Renalius who is the New King of Wrath
Experimented: Sobata, Alexander
Faced depression: EVERYONE
Killed their family: Sobata.....
Animalistic: Sobata, Demicius, Prometheus 
Based on self.....okay time for some .....well.....evaluations...

Sobata is an incarnation of my feelings of being a target for bullying., Rage, sorrow.....a secondary persona created as a self for me to vent my inner feelings of isolation......created over years of being alone(no friends)

Demicius is my utter anger..and deep seeded hate for humanity, born from...again...solitude...the second being born form my hatred for almost every human....well..before i got my first friend...and then all of my friends here. He is my secret rage that wishes to decimate all who have wronged me.

Prometheus is my imagination given life without limits or restraints. A being who possesses no moral reasoning other than to fulfill any and all desires he obtains. He is my true unhindered mind. my despair. He is the complete amalgamation of all of my pain i have suffered from being wronged through all the years. he all sense of the word..'Me' when i'm at my weakest. Granted i have doen my best to move past all of that pain...he still exist as a part of me.

-Go to
-Put all the names from your friend's list into the box. (Line for each name)
-Click 'Randomise'.
-Use the names as they appear to answer the stuff below OR click 'randomise' again and use only the name that appears first each time.
-No cheating!
-If you run out of names before you've answered all the stuff, just randomised and start again!
-If you have more than 15 friends, just use the first 15 that come out of the randomiser.
-Write next to their names in the journal what they would say.
-Tag all the people you've mentioned.


1: Bronzewinged
2: MetalclawX
3: Eternalhavoc
4 :Draderart
5: ImmortalDK
6: JustinStockert
7: LaGravy
8: Karanma-Maeryl
9: MrPloxyKun
10: xXIrishNinjaXx
11: VRos3buds
12: AkemiKai
13: CreatorofDarkHeaven
14: DimensionXXIV
15: FruitsPunchSamurai7

1) Your roommate:  :icondraderart:

2) Your doctor: :iconcreatorofdarkheaven:
Oh lord please don't go Alter on me with the procedure *shudders* (automatically assuming i'm in an operation)

3) Person licking the windows: :iconvros3buds:
W-why are you licking my windows?!?!?! 

4) Person stashing food in the corners: :iconkaranma-maeryl:

Can I have some please? *begging*

5) Person acting like an animal: :iconmetalclawx: 
*joins* Let's go wild!!!!

6) Person helping you escape: :iconlagravy:
Get the cheese....we will need plenty *conspires a complicated plan*

7) Person yelling nonsense about clowns:  :icondimensionxxiv:
KILL ALL THE CLOWNS!!!!! *Grabs pitch fork of hell*

8) Person who is running around with a frying pan: :iconmrploxykun:
.......Why....are you running with a ......okay you now what? *grabs a spatula* ON TO BATTLE!!!!!

9) Person who believes that he/she can control when the end of the world occurs: :iconjustinstockert:
*bows* Oh mighty Justin-Sama.....i have much to live not destroy this world i beseech thee.

10) Person going crazy: :iconFruitsPunchSamurai7:

11) Person who is under at least 10 restraining orders: :iconeternalhavoc:
See i told you to stop annoying me...wait how the *censored bad word* did you get ten?!

12) Person who is strapped down to their bed: :iconimmortaldk:
......You know what? I'm not gonna question how the hell you got in this situation.....buuuuut.....*pulls out cell phone and takes a picture* Gonna upload this shit to your Facebook..eheheh....

13) Person who got thrown in the mental hospital for running over a hamster: :iconakemikai:
W-why?!!!? That was...why..would you run over.......*sighs*

14) Person who is the most sane out of everyone: :iconxXIrishNinjaXx: the hell are you so sane?!

15) Person who doesn't know why he/she is here in the first place: :iconbronzewinged:
No seriously how the fudge did you get here?!?!
Okay i totally stole this from :iconmetalclawx: so..yeah

Characters with abnormal hair scheme: Sobata, Dante
Characters with blue eyes: ...hmm....No one
Male Characters: Sobata, Alexander, Prince Kain, Isaiah, Tenma, Demicius, Asher, Renalius, Prometheus (yall are gonna see this guy eventually ^^)
Female Characters: Xena, Luna, Echo, Shiki
Bisexuals: Princess Celestine
Gays: None
Lost an eye or both eyes: Demicius
Have children: (SPOILERS) SObata, Alexander, Renalius, Demicius, Prometheus
Lost or divorced before: None
Once or is insane: Sobata(before Reincarnation), Prometheus
Lives as a human: Tenma, Isaiah
Seven Deadly Sins: None.....Except for Renalius who is the New King of Wrath
Experimented: Sobata, Alexander
Faced depression: EVERYONE
Killed their family: Sobata.....
Animalistic: Sobata, Demicius, Prometheus 
Based on self.....okay time for some .....well.....evaluations...

Sobata is an incarnation of my feelings of being a target for bullying., Rage, sorrow.....a secondary persona created as a self for me to vent my inner feelings of isolation......created over years of being alone(no friends)

Demicius is my utter anger..and deep seeded hate for humanity, born from...again...solitude...the second being born form my hatred for almost every human....well..before i got my first friend...and then all of my friends here. He is my secret rage that wishes to decimate all who have wronged me.

Prometheus is my imagination given life without limits or restraints. A being who possesses no moral reasoning other than to fulfill any and all desires he obtains. He is my true unhindered mind. my despair. He is the complete amalgamation of all of my pain i have suffered from being wronged through all the years. he all sense of the word..'Me' when i'm at my weakest. Granted i have doen my best to move past all of that pain...he still exist as a part of me.



Sobata92's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I've been on here long enough to trust certain individuals, so here's a brief summary of who I really am....Now try to keep up.....this picture is My OC Sobata Atami, made by :iconjonique: be sure to check their page for awesome pieces ^^
My full name is Douglas Alexander Daniel-Cox...i still curse my parents for giving me such a long name...but at least i feel honored by being named after my grandfather...anyway.....

I'm a bit of a bookworm in the sense i love reading fictional stories or poetry (which i guess plays into me writing stories). My favorite authors are Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King.
Oh and just for the hell of it, I play Elsword, my username is Chrono92 so if you guys play Elsword...send me a friend there ya go.
I have a very twisted view of the if i sound strange just bear with me.....

Dislikes: Bullying.....self-explanatory. Over-religious people (that kind that try pushing their religion on you; oh by the way i'm Agnostic- in case you don't know that means i don't belong to any i'm not Atheist.....)

Anyway i think that is a bit too much info on me....
Sister(s): :icon13unluckynumber: :iconchocolatelover1112:

True Best Friends::iconzbsrules:

Guardian (Angel)::iconawesomeness4everya:

Familiar (Demon)::iconcyanidelemon:

Fellow Dark/Demonic Best Friend: :icona3vampire-fangs:

My Dark Half: :iconvaebrae:

Looking for a good story to read? Well here you go with what i'm still workingon, The Super Crazy OC Story, or SCOCS for short.…
Tell me what and even you can end up with a cameo character, or a serious main character to join the fray ^^ here are the details for joining…

Rosa (Gardevoir) & Celica (Gothitelle)






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