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FINISHED! by CreatorOfDarkHeaven

Hmm, quite an interesting piece of work, i myself have never messed with pixel art and it looks very difficult, i must say you did a fa...

Chrono x Rosa in Meadow Reach - Sobata Commission by MasterPloxy

Okay, first off, beyond amazing. The style is a near realistic interpretation and the effects of the lighting make it even greater. I a...

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Fusion: Me and Sobata by Sobata92
Fusion: Me and Sobata
Soo....don't know how this occurred....anyway..this is a new drawing..not..old....
I basically fused my self with my own character SObata...and..i think i made a new character altogether.... What do you guys think?
Memory Lane (Part 2) Knight-Zero beta by Sobata92
Memory Lane (Part 2) Knight-Zero beta
Again..i do not recall when i drew this..but....It was around the time i first started working on the concept of the Knight-Zero. Incomplete....but it was also one of my first tries making armor i guess. i said..this was my first try actually doing the Knight-Zero so the individual in question is unknown..perhaps another failure at trying to create the Knight-Z. Who knows....but....yeah..i kind of got happy when i found this little ancient gem.
Memory Lane (Part1) Sobata and Soleto by Sobata92
Memory Lane (Part1) Sobata and Soleto
So i don't remember when i drew this...i think..back in 9th grade perhaps? concept for this variation of Sobata was this....
After being deemed a threat because his title as the "Knightmare of Darkness"...Heaven sent an Archangel to kill him.....after a destructive battle...Sobata lost his right arm permanently due to being sliced off by a Divine weapon...after he kills the angel..forever being branded an enemy of Heaven...he was left with no choice but to retreat his human home and dive into hell...where in order to compensate for his arm..he made a contract with a lesser demon..and then this beast became a parasite that fed from Sobata's Dark power...actually helping him control his exchange..Sobata was allowed perfect control of Soleto's everchanging body..allowing him to morph it into whatever shape he so desired...and Soleto was allowed partial control in case Sobata was distracted and he would in turn protect his Host.
Going on a trip through memory lane.
I just found some of my old highschool drawings..and now i must upload them to see what you guys think..heh..I'm excited
Okay so i got tagged by :iconbronzewinged:

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that". 
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
 I tag as many as I feel like that most likely would answer.
8) No tag-backs. I would like one if the tagged one wants to give me one, but only as an answer to the questions, not another journal.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags. 
10) You have the choice to make a journal entry! Comments if you prefer!

10 Facts about myself

1) I am a social/anti-social person...i hate being involved in most social circles with people i don't know..but i am quite a conversationalist when i'm around people i'm comfortable with.

2) I have an encyclopedia's worth of Anime/Manga knowledge..though it's not really praiseworthy.

3) i love listening to Japanese and French music...if i hear a japanese song once i memorize the lyrics almost instantly

4) I do indeed have a darker persona than the one that everyone is familiar with..only my true..closest friends....and my loved ones....know of this...i mean...if you ask..i might just tell you..but...i might just not..

5) Hmm..this is hard..okay..I live in three homes......whenever i have work days i live with my grandparents..on my days off i switch between living with my living with my dad. 

6) I work at the French Lick Resort Hotel's Annex(Laundry) Building...and i help deliver fresh linens so our guests don't complain....sadly i also help clean the stuff too...*shudders*...nasty least i make sure i'm properly sanitized each time and wear protective gear

7) I like and respect the Furry fandom

8) I'm an open minded/close minded person...I openly accept you regardless of your belief system...are you Nazi? well hi there..let's play chess....if you are a Satanist let's talk about our favorite historical events of Witchcraft.....I have my own belief system..and mine..entitles that i accept you regardless of, sexual matter what..i will respect your views and beliefs and call you a friend.

9) I was a constant target of bullying growing up...i was in Kindergarten and had to ride the bus, we rode with some highschoolers....and when we got off the bus these highschoolers would pick me up..and throw me in the dumpster..i was too short to crawl out so i had to scream for help....i got lucky every now and then when the dumpster had stuff in it and i was lucky to crawl out..this went on for three years and those highschoolers never got in trouble cause they all banded together......because..who are you going to little child....or an entire class? 

10) I looooooooooooove to Roleplay

Ten questions i must answer.

1) How are you feeling right now?
Eh..i'm feeling quite fine.....kind of suffering writer's block.

2) How is the weather where you are now?
Hmm..not too's partially sunny bu he signs of the oncoming winter are imminent.

3) Is there somewhere you would like to live instead of where you live now?
No...but..there is someone i wish could be here with me......she lives off in a different state and i just want to hold her in my arms..for once....

4) Do you have a sense of some kind that is not included in the main five (To hear, see, touch, taste or smell)? 
If not: Do you have some kind of "alteration" of one of the main five? Or possibly even lack one?
Hmm I guess i have an...altered sense of 'sight'..and no it's not because i wear glasses. I....see things...differently....i don't know how to describe it...but..let's just say a lot of people call me weird because of it.

5) What do you search for in a friendship?
Trust.......a kinship built upon lies is not a friendship at all. And..i seek something special..a bond that cannot be something i value greatly...

6) What is one of your favourite songs?
Oh..whoa that's..hmm..well..i have a lot i like about.... Legions of Doom by Audiomachine here is a link 

7) How does a beautiful place look like close to where you live? 
.....sadly..the only beautiful place i know tainted by bad's a forest clearing....where in my childhood i would spend avoid the pain of bullies.....a place of solitude..sullied by my discovery of its origins just a couple of years ago.....

8) What do you wear if you dress up for something like an important dinner, or a job interview?
I wear a button up black dress shirt with a white undershirt and tan dress pants.....mostly

9) Do you have a favourite artwork of mine? pick one wouldn't do it the justice it almost all of your pieces i genuinely like...though i'm not on as much as i'd like and i barely have the time to look...i fondly remember and like all of the pieces i see you make. Picking just one doesn't cut pick all of them.

10) Do you want to ask me a question in return? If yes, tell me in a comment or a not and I'll most likely answer it. you sometimes have prophetic dreams?' you predict something..and it legitimately happens?

Questions for you 

1) What is the one thing you value the most in a friendship/relationship with a fellow human?

2) If you were given the choose to become an Angel...or a Demon....which would you pick?

3) You suddenly were given the ability to alter your appearance and voice....what would you transform into?

4) Favorite TV show?

5) What are some of your fandoms you are a part of..if any...

6) If you could pick an alternate eye color...what would it be?

7) What world would you live in?...this includes fictional worlds..anime....stuff...whatever world you want..

8) If you could talk to animals...what would be the first question you would ask one? (you decide the animal)

9) er....hmmm.....running out of questions......favorite..drink?

10) I drink hot tea with honey as a way to relax....what about you?

People i'm tagging....few....because.well..i'm lazy...






Sobata92's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I've been on here long enough to trust certain individuals, so here's a brief summary of who I really am....Now try to keep up.....this picture is My OC Sobata Atami, made by :iconjonique: be sure to check their page for awesome pieces ^^
My full name is Douglas Alexander Daniel-Cox...i still curse my parents for giving me such a long name...but at least i feel honored by being named after my grandfather...anyway.....

I'm a bit of a bookworm in the sense i love reading fictional stories or poetry (which i guess plays into me writing stories). My favorite authors are Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King.
Oh and just for the hell of it, I play Elsword, my username is Chrono92 so if you guys play Elsword...send me a friend there ya go.
I have a very twisted view of the if i sound strange just bear with me.....

Dislikes: Bullying.....self-explanatory. Over-religious people (that kind that try pushing their religion on you; oh by the way i'm Agnostic- in case you don't know that means i don't belong to any i'm not Atheist.....)

Anyway i think that is a bit too much info on me....
Sister(s): :icon13unluckynumber: :iconchocolatelover1112:

True Best Friends::iconzbsrules:

Guardian (Angel)::iconawesomeness4everya:

Familiar (Demon)::iconcyanidelemon:

Fellow Dark/Demonic Best Friend: :icona3vampire-fangs:

My Dark Half: :iconvaebrae:

Looking for a good story to read? Well here you go with what i'm still workingon, The Super Crazy OC Story, or SCOCS for short.…
Tell me what and even you can end up with a cameo character, or a serious main character to join the fray ^^ here are the details for joining…

Rosa (Gardevoir) & Celica (Gothitelle)






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