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FINISHED! by CreatorOfDarkHeaven

Hmm, quite an interesting piece of work, i myself have never messed with pixel art and it looks very difficult, i must say you did a fa...

Chrono x Rosa in Meadow Reach - Sobata Commission by MisterPloxy

Okay, first off, beyond amazing. The style is a near realistic interpretation and the effects of the lighting make it even greater. I a...


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I...i was convinced to try this so....I honestly don't expect to receive any points but if you did donate thank you.

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  • :iconnuxu:
    Donated Jan 12, 2015, 6:49:25 AM


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I've been on here long enough to trust certain individuals, so here's a brief summary of who I really am....Now try to keep up.....this picture is My OC Sobata Atami, made by :iconnuxu: be sure to check their page for awesome pieces ^^
My full name is Douglas Alexander Daniel-Cox...i still curse my parents for giving me such a long name...but at least i feel honored by being named after my grandfather...anyway.....

I'm a bit of a bookworm in the sense i love reading fictional stories or poetry (which i guess plays into me writing stories). My favorite authors are Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King.
Oh and just for the hell of it, I play Elsword, my username is Chrono92 so if you guys play Elsword...send me a friend there ya go.
I have a very twisted view of the if i sound strange just bear with me.....

Dislikes: Bullying.....self-explanatory. Over-religious people (that kind that try pushing their religion on you; oh by the way i'm Agnostic- in case you don't know that means i don't belong to any i'm not Atheist.....)

Anyway i think that is a bit too much info on me....
Sister(s): :icon13unluckynumber: :iconchocolatelover1112:

True Best Friends::iconzbsrules:

Guardian (Angel)::iconawesomeness4everya:

Familiar (Demon)::iconcyanidelemon:

Fellow Dark/Demonic Best Friend: :icona3vampire-fangs:

My Dark Half: :iconvaebrae:

Looking for a good story to read? Well here you go with what i'm still workingon, The Super Crazy OC Story, or SCOCS for short.…
Tell me what and even you can end up with a cameo character, or a serious main character to join the fray ^^ here are the details for joining…

Rosa (Gardevoir) & Celica (Gothitelle)





SO i'm gonna leave this here for people to look at.

So does anyone want a character?


SO i'm gonna leave this here for people to look at.

So does anyone want a character?
Happy Halloween everyone ^^

Oh side note....Since i've been doing this let's play of Disgaea 5 Alliance of Vengeance, I'm curious...does anyone want a character in the game? I mean i'm working on an outline for the details and such..but would anyone like a character in my playthrough? I'm going to start doing Request Character Videos..where i show off the request characters i've made. Also, those who have a character will also have their choice of music theme they want for their character. Sorry if this journal is all over the place. 

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Ta daaaaaahh.....uploading at a late tie of the night.....wheeeeeeee....okay heres your next part guys i hope ya the meantime..Goodnight..hehe

Sorry if it's a teeeeeeeny bit short.i promise i'll make the next part longer

After we all went our separate ways, I noticed Soki disappeared from the bedroom. However, I did notice Shiki, who was still sleeping soundly in my bed. Going to the bed I reach down gently caressing her hair. She seems to curl in and smile in her sleep from my touch. I need to find Soki. Standing I step out of the room; I can’t sense Soki anywhere. I should try feeling her out with the shadows.
“Yo Soba!” I hear behind me. Turning around I see Taro.
“What is it?” I ask as he rubs the back of his head.
“Well I’m sure you noticed…” He sort of leans in curiously and lowers his voice. “But Ren is acting awfully strange around that Alys girl…like...stranger than he usually is….isn’t he?”
“I haven’t really….wait…now that you mention it…he is acting awfully weird.” I can’t help but ponder now. I did notice Ren blushing when he was around that Alys woman.
“It’s pretty obvious guys.” The new voice startles and we turn to see Estelle with a mysterious smirk.
“What do ya mean?” Taro asks as he scratches his head.
“Well..I mean….ya know….those two have..chemistry.” She is blushing and twiddling her ice claws .
“Seriously?” I find myself sighing. “Well…I guess it makes sense. Those two are demons so yeah.”
“It’s not just because they are demons you know.” Estelle says.
“Wait I thought he had a Fiance?” Taro suddenly brings up.
“Well…he’s...very flippant with the words.” I mutter, rubbing my forehead.
“What?” Both Taro and Estelle mutter confused. I’m getting too distracted.
“;s the long and short of it….he says Fiance because he and Xena are only friends. He told me that he and Xena planned to become the king and queen only to overthrow the current king. He’s told me that they are more like siblings.” I explain. Both Taro and Estelle just look at me skeptically causing me to sigh.
“Listen guys, I’d like to stay and chat…but I need to find Soki so…..see ya.” I wave walking away and further into the mall. Looking around I take notice of how decrepit it looks. Most of the signs and posters are now twisted with unintelligible writing. The clicking of my shoes echoes down the hall..and suddenly I hear someone talking.
“So….would you be willing to join me tonight? I would love to hear more of your stories my Lord.” Is that Alys? I carefully sneak closer and the shadows fill my vision..showing me Ren and Alys standing strangely close…talking.
“I would consider it a great honor my lady. Perhaps come to my room tonight when everyone has slept?” What are those two talking about?
“O..Oh my. Are you sure my Lord? What if we….” Alys is blushing even more. Are those two talking about…
“What if we what my Lady”
“W..well….I don’t…what if we woke someone?” Alys sounds more flustered and I can she is blushing even more. These two…are they…?
“Do not worry…” Ren suddenly takes her hands. “My Lady…we wont wake anyone….I assure you…..I can create a sigil to block out the noise.”
“A..ah..I..yes…that would be good. We certainly wouldn’t want anyone to hear us.” Alys blushes even more looking up at Ren. OKAY?!!? I…These two aren’t seriously going to…
“Hold….I do believe we have a bit of an...eavesdropper.” Crap how did she know?
“Who is out there?” Ren suddenly turns with a rather fierce gaze which startles me. Realizing I just got caught I slowly step out looking at them. Ren’s cheeks are red…and Alys’s cheeks are equally red.
“Sorry…I was just looking for Soki…have you guys seen her?” Alys pauses and places a finger to her cheek seeming to ponder deeply. Ren closes his eyes.
“She is on the roof.” Alys suddenly speaks up.
“How do you know? I can’t even sense her.” I point out.
“Hmhmh…do not underestimate the bond of those of us who are Sin.” Alys smiles slightly.
“A..ah..My apologies…uhm…My lady?” I try to be respectful.
“Hmhmhm…just call me Alys. Now...go...she’s probably waiting for someone to talk to her.” She smiles. What is up with that smile? I feel…strangely uneasy. So….I silently make my way deeper into the mall...trying to find the stairs or a doorway to the roof.
As Ren and Alys continue their conversation, Alter and Sonia walk by.
“Wow, already latching another lady Renny boy?” Alter smirks causing Sonia to sigh.
“I’m not sure what you are referring to…uhm….oh dear..which of you is which again?” Ren turns to them confused.
“Ah..Ren…dear..I don’t even know them and can tell.” Alys speaks up.
“I’m Sonia and he’s Alter….can’t you tell our voices are different?” Sonia begins.
“Well it’s not so much as a recognition of voice…it’s just you two looks so alike. It’s difficult for me to tell you two apart.” Ren explains, scratching his cheek.
“’s pretty obvious body wise don’t ya think Renny?” Alter chuckes to himself. Ren however just stares….pondering and then.
“No…I’m afraid not….you two just look like two identical twin brothers.”
Holy crap what were those talking about? Were they really talking about doing…that? Gah I really shouldn’t go into his business..but..seriously…I never realized he was such a smooth operator. Looking around I finally come across some stairs. As I start to go up I suddenly hear…
“I’VE GOT BOOBS YOU DAMN DINGUS!!” followed by a rather loud echo of a slap and a thud.
“What the hell just happened?!” I mutter to myself turning around.
SCOCS CH 5 Nightmares Part 2
Ta-daaaaaah.....sorry for the shortness..but.what do you guys think?


Mon Aug 24, 2015, 8:39 AM
Alright peeps...I'm thinking about making more Knightmare Pokemon...Do you guys have any ideas you would like to see or try out?

Skin by SanpaSazzaro
Image from…


Fri Aug 21, 2015, 3:56 PM
Alright everybody..sorry for the delay. It's time to announce the winners of this contest...Now...those of you who have one, Please Message e how you would like to receive your reward, Either being points, paypal, Etc...

anyway i'm rabling..ON TO THE WINNERS!!!

This was difficult to decide on i freaking difficult as we were arguing over two particular entries..BUT....we reached a fair agreement...aaaaand in 1st place we have

Dark Cyber Sonia by Phytias

I will admit..i was literally blown away looking at this one. the main points ob being how interesting it looks...the pale blue-ish wings were an interesting decision to pull off and it works in the pieces favor. Awesome Job Phytias ^^

in 2nd place we have yet another awesome piece (i'm gonna be saying that about al the entries apparently) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand in 2nd place we have...........

Guilt by nuxu

Now this little gem..holy shit.....the blue fire...the almost Treant sort of a man of the Earth who succumbed to death..and while we were stumped on the Character itself....we all agreed that it seemed like a vengeful Knightmare protector of the Forest....well..that was what we thought...the lack of a backstory of sorts cost some points..BUT...just the clear image itself gave us all a story to ponder upon....Congrats Nuxu ^^

Now is 3rd place...again....really hard to decide....but...with a fair and easy was decided..that.......


Kim the knightmare by Bronzewinged

Manly because of the badass look..and also....I accept your challenge Bronzewinged. I'll do my best damn portrayal of Kim in SCOCS and you will loooooooooove it!!.........Congrats by the way XD

now for the 4th place winner.....if i could award a tie i would...............PSYCHE I TOTALLY AM..Yup I'm breaking my own rule here...I'm awarding a Tie-Award for 4th place...and 5th place.....because we made the decision that everyone deserved a chance to win(i mean..more people..deserve a chance to win)..........So..there are more winners.......SURPRISE!!!

:iconsocius92:  contest entry 4 by Socius92


:iconlinek0: Sento by Linek0

You both made excellent Knightmare characters that i was practically floored....I honestly cannot think of the words to describe how each one is so freaking epic.......well..a few words come to mind

Socius, the idea of the lantern struck a chord with one of the judges..and taking that into account, along with the idea of it's reproduction through such means.....that is a unique and cool idea

Linek0, Core...inside head......Epic as hell and i feel stupid for not thinking of something that gets stabbed int he chest...and she smirks saying "You missed" and decapitating her opponent..Hell's bells that is epic..well..that's the image that came to my mind.

Finally 5th place holders are......................

:iconlyefly: Forsaken VS Knightmare - Contest Entry by LyeFly


:iconzenikat: Sobata Contest Entry #3 by zenikat

Lylefly, honored you put Soba in there....also......gotta admit....the Forsaken Taro looks pretty damn cool...yet I'm still pretty baffled and pondering how such a state or event occurred....BUT.....still a freaking epic piece. Also, nice touch on making the top part with Sobata's shadows and the bottom part with....uhm...Taro's....tentacle....things.......AWESOME!

Zenikat, you did good...the design looks almost realistic and you definitely captured a sense of..pain...suffering....but...sadly..the lack of info on the character made it score slightly lower...again that's not necessarily a really bad's a pretty cool piece, and i think i can easily make a good story with this.

Thank you to all who participated in this contest and i look forward to my next spoilers on this one....heheh....Anyway.....message e through a Note and tell me how you would like to receive your prize...Thank you all.

Skin by SanpaSazzaro
Image from…

SCOCS Popularity. Which character from SCOCS do you think is the best? (couldn't fit everyone) 

2 deviants said Sobata Atami
2 deviants said Renalius Velstein
1 deviant said Angel
No deviants said Soki Hayashi
No deviants said Sonia and Alter
No deviants said Whitey and Trimi
No deviants said Bunny and Bloody
No deviants said Taro Nagano
No deviants said Zypher Havoc
No deviants said Vaebrae


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