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FINISHED! by CreatorOfDarkHeaven

Hmm, quite an interesting piece of work, i myself have never messed with pixel art and it looks very difficult, i must say you did a fa...

Chrono x Rosa in Meadow Reach - Sobata Commission by MrPloxyKun

Okay, first off, beyond amazing. The style is a near realistic interpretation and the effects of the lighting make it even greater. I a...

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This time i have been given a tag from :iconbronzewinged:

So i have to answer 10 questions....okay then. I have no quarrels or issues with this so....Yes let's try this.

♛ Please post these rules and your tagger.
♛ Answer the 10 questions truthfully asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
♛ Tag 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
♛ Inform them that they have been tagged by you. ( Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".)
♛ No tag-backs.
♛ You can't say that you don't do tags.
♛ You MUST make a journal entry showing your meme! 

1) What is your favorite colour(s) to use when drawing or painting something?
Black of course. I can't color really..and honestly i've been practicing....and good god i suck

2) Do you have a character that is not owned by you but you are allowed to use for things like writing or drawing?
A few sort of. But i always ask before i draw them.

3) Have you written anything fictional? If yes, do you mind telling a bit about what it is/was about?
I have way too many stories, More than i have placed here. But a little bit of one story is this: In a technological age of advancement..machines have acquired their own personalities and Ai..making them like both mind and appearance being the Bio-androids..however...due to the advancement..humanity has led itself to its downfall..wars break out..and a village suffers form it...a young man and his Bio-android..try their best to survive the decaying world and to find a way to get revenge for what happened to their home. Yet the worst has already happened..a disease that effects both humans and Machines that make them decay gradually...will they find a way to save themselves and get the answers they seek..or will they succumb to a fate worse than death?

4) Do you have a fruit that you find especially tasty?
Apples...for the love of all that is dark and demonic..i freaking love Red Apples.

5) What is the hardest to draw according to you?
Hands...and female Bodies....Gah i suck so bad at both. 

6) Is there anything you would like to change about yourself?
.....I kind of wish i could be better at my art....i struggle with my drawings ot be honest...and i wish i could get past that.

7) Do you believe something supernatural? 
Naturally......I love to believe in things science cannot explain. I believe in all sorts of things..demons...angels.....Ghosts...Everything...except for the ridiculous shit..which i will not specify because i don't want t make anyone mad. 

8) What would you do if you met a dragon in real life?
At first i would freak out because hot damn it's a freakign dragon...and then i would try to communicate with know..before it tries to eat me.

9) Do you have a favorite weather?
I prefer days when i'm just sitting next to a the rain falls gently...a small amount of thunder being heard as the clouds roll in darkening the sky.
and lastly:
10) Is there a question you would like to ask me (Bronzewinged)? If yes, then go ahead!
Hmmmm I'm curious to know what your favorite cuisine is. I have a knack for cooking sort of...and i'm always curious to hear what everybody's favorite food is..strange i know..but whenever i hear..i try to imitate and make the food myself to try it out. 

My ten questions for the persons I tag. Or people who want to answer them:I..literally have no questions...I'm sorry...and i willnot ta anyone...I thoroughly enjoyed this


Sobata92's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I've been on here long enough to trust certain individuals, so here's a brief summary of who I really am....Now try to keep up.....this picture is My OC Sobata Atami, made by :iconjonique: be sure to check their page for awesome pieces ^^
My full name is Douglas Alexander Daniel-Cox...i still curse my parents for giving me such a long name...but at least i feel honored by being named after my grandfather...anyway.....

I'm a bit of a bookworm in the sense i love reading fictional stories or poetry (which i guess plays into me writing stories). My favorite authors are Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King.
Oh and just for the hell of it, I play Elsword, my username is Chrono92 so if you guys play Elsword...send me a friend there ya go.
I have a very twisted view of the if i sound strange just bear with me.....

Dislikes: Bullying.....self-explanatory. Over-religious people (that kind that try pushing their religion on you; oh by the way i'm Agnostic- in case you don't know that means i don't belong to any i'm not Atheist.....)

Anyway i think that is a bit too much info on me....
Sister(s): :icon13unluckynumber: :iconchocolatelover1112:

True Best Friends::iconzbsrules:

Guardian (Angel)::iconawesomeness4everya:

Familiar (Demon)::iconcyanidelemon:

Fellow Dark/Demonic Best Friend: :icona3vampire-fangs:

My Dark Half: :iconvaebrae:

Looking for a good story to read? Well here you go with what i'm still workingon, The Super Crazy OC Story, or SCOCS for short.…
Tell me what and even you can end up with a cameo character, or a serious main character to join the fray ^^ here are the details for joining…

Rosa (Gardevoir) & Celica (Gothitelle)






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I...i was convinced to try this so....I honestly don't expect to receive any points but if you did donate thank you.

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