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FINISHED! by CreatorOfDarkHeaven

Hmm, quite an interesting piece of work, i myself have never messed with pixel art and it looks very difficult, i must say you did a fa...

Chrono x Rosa in Meadow Reach - Sobata Commission by MasterPloxy

Okay, first off, beyond amazing. The style is a near realistic interpretation and the effects of the lighting make it even greater. I a...


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Sobata92 has started a donation pool!
50 / 3,000
I...i was convinced to try this so....I honestly don't expect to receive any points but if you did donate thank you.

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  • :iconnuxu:
    Donated Jan 12, 2015, 6:49:25 AM


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I've been on here long enough to trust certain individuals, so here's a brief summary of who I really am....Now try to keep up.....this picture is My OC Sobata Atami, made by :iconnuxu: be sure to check their page for awesome pieces ^^
My full name is Douglas Alexander Daniel-Cox...i still curse my parents for giving me such a long name...but at least i feel honored by being named after my grandfather...anyway.....

I'm a bit of a bookworm in the sense i love reading fictional stories or poetry (which i guess plays into me writing stories). My favorite authors are Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King.
Oh and just for the hell of it, I play Elsword, my username is Chrono92 so if you guys play Elsword...send me a friend there ya go.
I have a very twisted view of the if i sound strange just bear with me.....

Dislikes: Bullying.....self-explanatory. Over-religious people (that kind that try pushing their religion on you; oh by the way i'm Agnostic- in case you don't know that means i don't belong to any i'm not Atheist.....)

Anyway i think that is a bit too much info on me....
Sister(s): :icon13unluckynumber: :iconchocolatelover1112:

True Best Friends::iconzbsrules:

Guardian (Angel)::iconawesomeness4everya:

Familiar (Demon)::iconcyanidelemon:

Fellow Dark/Demonic Best Friend: :icona3vampire-fangs:

My Dark Half: :iconvaebrae:

Looking for a good story to read? Well here you go with what i'm still workingon, The Super Crazy OC Story, or SCOCS for short.…
Tell me what and even you can end up with a cameo character, or a serious main character to join the fray ^^ here are the details for joining…

Rosa (Gardevoir) & Celica (Gothitelle)






Another Apology

Mon May 11, 2015, 5:59 AM
I personally want to apologize to all of my friends here. I have not been on as much as I would like. My drawings have suffered....and my only free time has been devoted to trying to create good enjoyable content through the SCOCS storyline. I am deeply sorry for not being as active and I hope you all can forgive me.

Skin by SanpaSazzaro
Image from…


Being Consumed by Sobata92
Being Consumed
I'M BACK BABY!!! After such a freaking long time I've got my drawing groove back and I intend to do some more drawings! Sorry to everyone who thought i was dead but i am back!!! SO!!! Here is a drawing of Sobata!!!

Another Apology

Mon May 11, 2015, 5:59 AM
I personally want to apologize to all of my friends here. I have not been on as much as I would like. My drawings have suffered....and my only free time has been devoted to trying to create good enjoyable content through the SCOCS storyline. I am deeply sorry for not being as active and I hope you all can forgive me.

Skin by SanpaSazzaro
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Back to Recording

Tue Apr 14, 2015, 2:13 PM
I finally got my recording equipment back up and running so as a test I did a battle video of Dragonball Xenoverse.
My Character Demicius VS The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, and then the God of Destruction Beerus

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Wed Apr 8, 2015, 10:39 AM
OKay...i'm putting this here so hopefully it works
So you guys don't have to waste internet/ or if you guys lose internet while still reading. 
ALSO..thank you :iconphytias: for pointing out a mistake..i corrected it and added a tiny bit of length to it and I appreciate your help ^^

Also if anyone else finds mistakes please point them out while i proofread again.

Here is an updated  link to download the complete First Arc of SCOCS(FIXED)…

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Image from…

Contest Update 3

Fri Mar 27, 2015, 2:45 PM
UPDATE: if you don't want to do your own self..Do whatever idea comes to your mind. These entries will indeed play a major/minor role in the Second Arc of SCOCS
Details: You are to draw/create an image reflecting your Knightmare self....Or...if you wish..Your Rejected mode or your Forsaken self.
For those of you joining the contest with no clue what these things are...allow me to explain, though details have changed through the years..these are the final decisions and true details.

When a human's soul is tampered with....they turn into this when they die. A being of pure release. The appearance of the creature is reflected of the individuals can reference my gallery folder labeled Knightmare where i post certain details of this. Now...they come in two types...Monster..and humanoid. Monster-types have no control over themselves and go on bloody rampages, however in some cases they look like demonic animals..such as wolves, bears, snakes, etc. Humanoid's have a greater grasp on their control because they retain some semblance of their humanity. Their powers and appearance are dependent on their personality, they can be human in literal terms...they may appear to be a furry/lamia/reptile. However...all Knightmares have one thing in common..the Black and Gold their personality is stronger...they can be black and..whatever color suits you. THough i intend to update my own Knightmare is my Knightmare self from about a couple years ago Knightmare: Alexander by Sobata92

When someone turns into a Knightmare but wishes they had died instead, or just reject their existence, their power backfires and they become these monsters who continuously suffer. They can't control their body, however they have to suffer and bear witness to every thing they do. Thus the name 'The Rejected'...they are nothing but pure monsters of despair.

Now this is fairly new-ish and has been altered through a lot of stuff....
It's complicated.....A Forsaken is a mix between Rejected and Knightmare state....sort of like a go between or a middle.
When an individual undergoes the Knightmare transformation under incredible emotional trauma...their psyche splits into two. The first half is the body...where the human memory remains...they try to continue life..despite knowing what they are. The second half is their Monster self.....a sort of..Symbiotic relationship. One Cannot live without the other. The two struggle for dominance for the entirety of their existence. However they can still look like a monster, but be as docile as a human child. Misunderstood..they only wish to be human again hating the idea of fighting for it will bring out the monster inside of them. Oddly..they are peace loving. Again the same rule applies..except when it comes to appearance they look like an amalgamation of pain and sorrow. Random human parts over their body with monstrous spines, spikes, armor...pretty much a frankenstein-esque creature.

Now then..if you have questions feel free to note me..and ON TO THE DETAILS!!!

This contest starts now and anyone is allowed to do it. This will go on until....August 19th of this year. I'm giving plenty of time for people who are allowed any number of entries you wish. You can enter as many as you like..hell you can enter all three types if you want, Knightmare, Forsaken, Rejected.

I do not judge on skill alone...i also judge on creativity..and entertainment value, and i have a side judge to assist me so their is no bias or favoritism. 

PRIZES (You decide if you want money or points for DA)

1st: $50 (or point equivalent)

2nd: $40

3rd: $30

4th: $20

5th: $10

I will be doing a random prize...this is not judge based...but completely random....Two heard me...TWO individuals who did not make it in to winning the top five prizes..will receive a prize by random number generating(picking at random)...i will pick one entry from each individual (that includes only one from people who do multiple entries) 

and that a one year Premium Membership on here!!!...I'm trying to make everyone a winner so...yeah....but...details may change depending on how many people luck everyone

Entries so far

Contest entry by Socius92contest entry #2 by Socius92Contest entry 3 by Socius92contest entry 4 by Socius92contest entry 5 by Socius92

Knightmare Contest Entry 1 by eternalhavoc

Knitemare Contest Entry by cvdragonfangirl

:iconmrkillzo: and :iconabaddonartwork:
Commission Art: Botfly Victim by AbaddonArtwork


Kim the knightmare by Bronzewinged

Skin by SanpaSazzaro
Image from…

SCOCS Popularity. Which character from SCOCS do you think is the best? (couldn't fit everyone) 

2 deviants said Sobata Atami
2 deviants said Renalius Velstein
No deviants said Soki Hayashi
No deviants said Sonia and Alter
No deviants said Angel
No deviants said Whitey and Trimi
No deviants said Bunny and Bloody
No deviants said Taro Nagano
No deviants said Zypher Havoc
No deviants said Vaebrae


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