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FINISHED! by CreatorOfDarkHeaven

Hmm, quite an interesting piece of work, i myself have never messed with pixel art and it looks very difficult, i must say you did a fa...

Chrono x Rosa in Meadow Reach - Sobata Commission by MasterPloxy

Okay, first off, beyond amazing. The style is a near realistic interpretation and the effects of the lighting make it even greater. I a...


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I've been on here long enough to trust certain individuals, so here's a brief summary of who I really am....Now try to keep up.....this picture is My OC Sobata Atami, made by :iconiinexu: be sure to check their page for awesome pieces ^^
My full name is Douglas Alexander Daniel-Cox...i still curse my parents for giving me such a long name...but at least i feel honored by being named after my grandfather...anyway.....

I'm a bit of a bookworm in the sense i love reading fictional stories or poetry (which i guess plays into me writing stories). My favorite authors are Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King.
Oh and just for the hell of it, I play Elsword, my username is Chrono92 so if you guys play Elsword...send me a friend there ya go.
I have a very twisted view of the if i sound strange just bear with me.....

Dislikes: Bullying.....self-explanatory. Over-religious people (that kind that try pushing their religion on you; oh by the way i'm Agnostic- in case you don't know that means i don't belong to any i'm not Atheist.....)

Anyway i think that is a bit too much info on me....
Sister(s): :icon13unluckynumber: :iconchocolatelover1112:

True Best Friends::iconzbsrules:

Guardian (Angel)::iconawesomeness4everya:

Familiar (Demon)::iconcyanidelemon:

Fellow Dark/Demonic Best Friend: :icona3vampire-fangs:

My Dark Half: :iconvaebrae:

Looking for a good story to read? Well here you go with what i'm still workingon, The Super Crazy OC Story, or SCOCS for short.…
Tell me what and even you can end up with a cameo character, or a serious main character to join the fray ^^ here are the details for joining…

Rosa (Gardevoir) & Celica (Gothitelle)







Tue Feb 24, 2015, 8:47 AM starts at 12 P.M today..everybody is welcome and i hope to see you there..thank you

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Knightmare Nozomi by Sobata92
Knightmare Nozomi
This is my Art Trade with :iconphytias:
For some reason i always liked Nozomi's design..and.because i'm a dork i couldn't remember Nozomi's is my description with this. Oh before i forget........i messed up 5 times..and this is my 6th attempt because i was trying to come up with a good concept.

Considered one of the most beautiful of Knightmares.....this tragedy of a creature was a test subject of the evil "Doctor". Managing to escape..she came to realize her bodily changes...her limbs had disappeared in favor of a more mobile and elegant shape...however....her destructive power left chaos her in she slithered the Earth burnt and melted...the safety of the ocean was her only safe haven. Her tail splitting into two and her demeanor the same..this Knightmare is considered the most kindhearted...and docile.


Tue Feb 24, 2015, 8:47 AM starts at 12 P.M today..everybody is welcome and i hope to see you there..thank you

Skin by SanpaSazzaro
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Ren, putting his cloak back on over his exposed chest, silently stares up at the familiar woman. She simply smiles at him as she lowers herself to the ground.
“It truly is an honor to meet you…face to face my Lord.” She smiles as she stares at Ren, wearing black archaic robes and a white scarf, complimenting her white hair, pure shining red eyes gleam in the light. Ren, despite his weariness, kneels before the woman. Taro is leaning against a chair as Estelle checks his body for wounds.
“W-who…are you?” Taro pants as the skull piece fades in and out of vision.
“My Lady… honored to be in your presence…..” Ren mutters silently as he stays bowing.
“Come now…Renalius…it should be me bowing before you…” The mysterious woman steps up to Ren…offering her hand to him. As Ren looks up, his eyes widen..and he gently takes her hand, slowly standing before her. His height dwarfs hers, yet the aura around this woman...exudes pure mystery…and power.
“Lady Alys…how did you come to this place?” Ren asks her. The woman…apparently called Alys just smiles calmly.
“Even I do not know…perhaps it is because our circumstances are the same? Regardless…” She places both of her hands on his. “….I am grateful I have found you.”
“M-my Lady…” Ren’s cheeks light up with a shade of pink, actually causing Estelle’s cheeks to do the same.
“Do you think maybe she’s his girlfriend?” Estelle whispers to Taro.
“That’s what I was thinking….” He returns the whisper, however it seems they were not quiet enough. Alys’s cheeks light up and she slowly lets go of Ren’s hands.
“Forgive me…this is not the time…nor place.” Alys smiles sweetly with pink cheeks, her gaze meeting Ren’s.
“A-ah…y-yes. Please forgive me, my Lady.”
“Please…refer to me as Alys…Renalius.” She continues to smile…her cheeks deepening in shade.
“T-then..please..refer to me as what my comrades call me.” His blush deepens as well. Taro and Estelle just watch this exchange.
“God it’s like they are just in some weird romance anime…” Taro mutters.
“I ship it…” Estelle mutters, causing Taro to turn to her.
“Do what?” Taro replies. The lightheartedness is suddenly shattered as they hear a scream.
“GUYS!!! This is bad…reaaaaaaally really bad!!!” Angel comes running toward them panting heavily. This causes both Ren and Alys to turn to her.
“Angel? What are you talking about?” Ren quickly asks with a slight urgency in his voice.
“Shiki and Soki are gone!!!!” She screams and suddenly Alys’s eyes light up. Both Taro and Estelle turn to Angel with a loud ‘what?’ in unison.
“I-I don’t know!! I…I just went to get Shiki a snack and...and then…she…she and Soki were just...gone!” Her voice is becoming frantic.
“What the hell is going on? Did Soki take Shiki and…” Taro starts.
“Sister Soki……” Alys silently mutters, causing everyone to stop and turn to her.
“What…did…you just…say?” Ren mutters turning to her.
“Soki? How did you…” I barely mutter trying to stand. Soki just stands there...and then pulls the scythe toward her bringing Drake to her as well. She then seems to float and lands a devastating kick to Drake’s gut. Everything is moving so fast I barely even saw her landing the attack, and then with the sound of a gunshot, Drake is blasted back and crashes into the wall behind Annie…barely brushing past her. Her eyes barely twitch as she just stands there silently, her fingers twitching as her eyes show surprise…and growing anger.
“Sobata…I promise…I’ll explain everything after we kill this bitch…..” Soki suddenly turns her back to Annie and walking toward me she kneels…grabbing my face. “She really did a number on you……” She mutters almost looking sad. Her eyes are no longer the azure blue I saw before…and instead they are a pure blood red. “It’ll be okay….here….” She suddenly leans forward kissing my forehead. Almost instantly…the pain I had been feeling in my head fades, as well as the pain all around my body. Looking around…I witness the shadows swirling around me, I then feel a new sensation. Shadows begin to actually pull into my body, I can feel their energy slowly filling me, causing my weariness to slowly fade. What hits me as the most surprising…is as the shadows pool into me…I watch as the stump that once was my arm, start to reform. My feelings a mix of surprise and wonder, I watch as my entire arm reforms from pure shadows, physical...and like new. I didn’t know the shadows were capable of something like that.
“Now…stand.” Soki commands as she stands. Slowly I get up; testing my new arm. My mind is starting to clear finally, and I turn my attention to Annie who is seething with anger. She just growls…and snaps her fingers once more. Drake struggles to stand…and slowly shuffles toward us dragging his scythe.
“Utterly useless…” Annie spits out looking at Drake who is hobbling weakly toward us.
“Annie is losing her hold on him…I saw it.” I start, finally rejuvenated I command the shadows to wrap around my arms, I can hear their anger-filled voices.
’Kill…Kill….KIILLLLLLL’ their malice is truly palpable.
“Then you just work on killing Annie……I’ll take care of Drake…” Soki mutters. I feel a tremendous amount of power seeming to pour from her body and the shadows start to whip around her body, as if she has complete and utter control. How could I have missed this sheer force of power?
Standing next to Soki I pop my neck. “Just don’t kill him…he could prove to be an ally.”
“Sure…but I doubt how long I can dodge without striking back.” I can see her claws twitching with anticipation. Suddenly I feel an aura from her that is strikingly similar to Ren’s. Is she a demon too? Annie starts to hiss angrily.
“Damn you….” Suddenly she starts to laugh madly as if she heard a sickeningly cruel joke. “Oh this is just too much heheh.”
As Soki and I stand side by side…I ready myself as Soki does…our combined shadows mixing and creating another furious power. Her laughing is…concerning….
“What the hell is this bitch’s major malfunction?” Soki just chuckles; her fangs glinting in the torch light.
“Don’t mind her…she’s always been insane…..” Her confidence actually makes me smile arrogantly only for Annie to just smirk…and snap her fingers. Instantly Drake lets out a growl of pain as a terrible pressure emits from his body…anguish. Suddenly he charges at us with strange speed and slices at me. Soki instantly intercepts and kicks him away, causing him to fly and crash into another wall, breaking through it.
“Heh… that’s how it is….Sobata…Kill Annie as quickly as you can…NOW!!” Soki orders as she charges through the hole in the wall she created, leaving me with the deranged snake woman.
“Ahahaha…So…we are here once again….” She chuckles madly as we circle eachother on the large catwalk. Cue dramatic battle music
“Yes……and this time…” I close my eyes silently…focusing..and then as I point at her as the shadows wrap and shiver violently around me I yell with newfound power. “You will meet the same fate!!!”
“COME ON THEN!!!” She hisses as she charges at me, fangs glistening in the light of the burning flames. With almost complete control…I raise my arm and send a torrential wave of dark energy at her. The shadows roar like the monster that it is and take the shape of several black tentacles that dart right at her with pointed tips. She quickly dodges each strike in a sporadic dance, getting close. Bringing her arm back she thrusts forward aiming straight for my chest. A shadow hand springs forth on reflex and grabs her hand halting the attack. Taking advantage of that I bring my knee forward, slamming her gut and causing her to double over. Taking advantage of this I grab her by her hooded head and swing her away from me. She flies for a moment before managing to catch herself sliding on the catwalk on all fours. She raises her head and blood trickles from her cracked lips.
“What…the hell!?” She barely coughs as she stands shakily clutching her gut.
“Hmph…..I’m almost surprised how weak you are Annie…to think I had trouble with you the first time…..” I find myself taunting her. The voices in my head have all but silenced…and the pain all but numbed.
“No….My..Master revived me…..I’m...Stronger..I’m STRONG-“ Her voice cut off rather abruptly; I flinch into a defensive stance at the sight of a long blood soaked blade protruding from Annie’s chest. She slowly looks back...shakily as I feel her essence vanishing, looking back at her concealed assailant. “W-Why?”
“My Master no longer has a need for you……” The voice behind her…it...sounds distorted and monotonous, yet I can tell…it sounds like...a girl. I watch in complete surprise as Annie lets out one final hissing scream….and then…I feel it…..the destruction of her core releases a single wave of hellish energy causing her body to dim into a monochrome color…and she slowly falls to the ground, revealing her murderer.
Vaebrae silently walks down the center hall with Zypher next to him, behind them following close by are Sonia and Alter.
“Do you think it was a good idea leaving Bunny back there with those new guys?” Sonia asks curiously. Vaebrae silently keeps walking without an answer.
“Aaaaah come on….those weirdos aren’t all that creepy…heh..they are trust worthy.” Alter chuckles only causing Sonia to sigh.
“Somehow hearing that from you doesn’t put me at ease….” She rubs her head walking next to him, their foot steps in perfect synch. The looming darkness barely illuminated by the light of the torches creates a dreary and cold atmosphere. Zypher pauses and then freezes in place.
“G-guys…wait!” He yells at them causing them to stop.
“What? Freaking out?” Vaebrae asks silently turning to him. Zypher just shakes his head clutching his hand.
“N..No Damnit! Can’t you sense that?” he shouts.
“What the hell are you talking abo-” Instantly Vaebrae freezes turning to the darkness of the hall further beyond. “What the hell is that?!” Alter simply smirks.
“Kseksekse, now that feels wicked…seems like whoever is down there is gonna have a hell of a party.” Sonia sighs once more at Alter’s attitude.
“MAMA!!!” They all jump at the sudden echo in the opposite end of the hall.
“Godamnit! Calm down kid and stop running!!” Another familiar voice echoes.
“Is that…” Sonia turns to the voice and as they thought; the familiar pink haired toddler runs through the hall with tears in her little eyes as Sterben chases her.
“Damnit kid there’s danger that way!!” Sterben growls trying to catch up...the girl running surprisingly fast.
“Shiki?!” Sonia gasps as the little girl tackles Sonia’s leg and holds for dear life. Sonia kneels down to her and pats her head as Shiki dives into her holding tightly.
“Tch...damn kid came out of nowhere…” Sterben mutters ruffling his hand through his hair. Sonia simply gives the man a rather angry stare.
“Well obviously you scared her……wait..why..” She looks down to Shiki surprisingly, as they hear a familiar humming.
“Hmmm hmm hmmm…Kill kill kill~” Bunny smiles as she skips toward them, knife in hand with the other new face floating next to her silently.
“Great the whole gang is here kseksekse!” Alter chuckles.
“More importantly….” Sonia starts as she tries to calm down Shiki. “How did you find us?” she asks the little girl. Sobbing only slightly Shiki looks up at Sonia and mutters one word.
Vaebrae pauses looking toward the end of the darkness. “So she is here….”
“Huh?” Zypher mutters confused.
“That…woman...Soki is here…I don’t know how I missed her…but now I can sense her...she’s right with Sobata and...whoever killed Annie.”
“Oh? Care to tell how you know this Mister Dracula?” Sterben pops his neck as he smart mouths.
“Tch…the moment that ungodly power appeared, Annie’s presence suddenly vanished. Come on...we need to hurry.” With that, the vampire takes off and runs further down the hall. Sonia pauses and shakes her head.
“You guys go ahead…we can’t bring Shiki or leave her alone….I’ll stay behind.” She says trying to calm the child down.
“Whatever is down there…we….can’t handle it.” Zypher mutters silently, yet he runs down the hall regardless.
“B…..b…r..o…bro….t...ther….” Alexander mutters silently as he floats down the hall at an unnatural speed.
“Well he’s dead…” Sterben mutters.
“What the hell is your problem?!” Sonia snaps at him. Sterben stands there silently as Alter chuckles to himself.
“……That power down there…those guys will just get themselves killed….”
Drake finally collapses to the ground as Soki stands over him, eggs being forcefully ejected from his mouth which decay the moment they leave his body..yet..all the attention is toward the mysterious girl. I can only stare in confusion. This girl…looks …like a late teenager….yet her appearance is one I cannot fathom to understand. I feel it…the power of another Knightmare…but this..this is different.
Black hair that flows all the way down to her knees, white bandages wrapped around her arms where I see the faint outline of scorch marks, draped from her burnt fingertips are chains laying across the ground; I can see them searing like they were freshly pulled form a burning ironworks. Beside her bare bandage covered dirty feet is the torn limb of a Knightmare, covered in Annie’s blood.
(Did….she really use the arm of another Annie?) I ask to myself.
I can see the faint outline of bandages wrapped around her chest underneath the torn black shirt she has on matching her black pants. Various burning chains line across her chest and drape down her shoulders; searing her pale as the dead skin. Her face…..she is wearing a mask of some sort that covers the right side of her face, the eye hole actually dripping what I can only assume to be white tears. Her right eye pure blood red and impossibly in a spiral-esque pattern, while her left eye is as I thought; the Knightmare’s eyes..yet instead of a dull gold hers is pure white. As the wind in our silent staring contest flows, her shirt lifts…revealing more in her bandaged chest in the form of a large bloodstain right where her heart should be. What the hell is she?
“You..are as My Master said…..Failure..” She mutters without a hint of emotion in her tone.
(Her Master….no…You mean..?!) I can feel the darkness cry out in anger as it surrounds me….as I look up to face her…she is right in front of me, a foot shorter and she barely pokes me with a bloodied fingertip.
“SOBATA!!!” I hear Soki scream as I feel a small push….in that instant the next I know I’m embedded in the far wall near the entrance to the room. My whole body suddenly wracks with pain I never knew existed as I see Soki swipe at the mysterious girl who just harmlessly floats away at a speed I cannot follow. I can’t move…the shadows are frantic as I try to move to see what happened only for Soki to come to me and gasp seeing me. She manages to pull me out and lean me against the body is refusing to listen to me. Soki then stands in front of me in a defensive stance and slowly…I look down. What appeared before shocked what little consciousness I had left in me. My chest is nothing but a gaping hole..and my core is floating perfectly in the center. As the darkness tries to repair my wound I realize the hoplessness of the situation. Whoever this girl was……she could have ended me….she purposefully avoided my core.
“You are gonna pay for that you bitch….” Soki growls as her hair riles up and her tail furls up. The darkness starts to favor her and swirls around her body as a new power I was unfamiliar to seem to billow from within her. I can’t move…the voices are starting again, I try to tell Soki to stop only for a loud voice to reverberate through the building.
“Recession…that is enough…..these children are not worth your time….” With the bright flash of a dark violet lightning bolt the ground shakes and form it’s light steps forth a face I wished to see lying on the ground dead…the girl…Recession, slowly turns to the most vile filth in existence.
“My Master….” She says going to the monster’s side. Soki stands protectively in front of me as my anger keeps me awake. Hatred fueling me…I stand using the wall to prop me up as I stare…at him.
“Demicius!!” I spit out.
Dark grey skin with scars over his muscular body, a single long jagged scar across his chest, a hellish aura that is pushing me down, a scar over his right eye with a blood red glow from his left eye that stares knives into any unfortunate to look into it. A White torn scarf around his neck with blood staining the cloths end and a torn lower half of a filthy white cloak around his waist flowing in the wind….and six onyx black horns jutting from his head in a circle as if they were part of a crown, finish the appearance of intimidation. He sneers at the sight of me and my hatred burns even more as I feel the darkness crawl around me in equal anger.
“Well…if it isn’t my favorite little Failure…..Knight-Zero.” His voice deep and menacing, that sickening sound making my blood boil as the hole in my chest slowly sews up. “And what have we here? Soki Hayashi……Sin Demon of Pride….how rare it is to see you actually defending someone…my how you have fallen.”
“SHUT UP!!!” Soki charges like a bullet at Demicius only to halt completely, her claws so close to impaling his head, but Demicius smirks and blood drips from Soki’s nose as she is blasted back without so much as any effort on Demicius’s part.
“S-Soki!!” I yell looking as she is barely standing now, her arm soaked in blood and shaking as she barely raises her head staring daggers at him.
“Hmph….not even worth my time…I was hoping you would at least be a little entertaining when I showed up…but it seems you are nothing more than little insects..Recession!.....Come….” He yells turning his back.
“Yes…My Master…” The girl walks away...following him.
“G..Get back here!!” I yell as I try to reach out only falling from pain and exhaustion. “I..I’ll kill you!! Get...Back here you fucking coward!!!” Demicius only throw his head back and laugh so loudly that the ground shakes once more. He turns back to me with an evil smirk and the glow of his haunting eye.
“Goodnight….Crybaby...” He taunts as he snaps his fingers. Immediately I feel everything fade to darkness as I lose consciousness....his laughter fading and the sounds of footsteps getting closer….everything…fades….the last thing I hear is his sickening voice.
“I look forward to you maturing….Failure….”
SCOCS Arc 1: The Gathering
Stay tuned for Arc 2: The Legacy
SCOCS CH 4 Mad Dance at the Catwalk END
The finale to Arc 1!!!! What did you guys think? Please tell me if it's good or needs changing...Regardless..Stay tuned for Arc 2: The Legacy...See ya!!!

Oh Recession is a servant to Demicius and belongs to :iconsocius92: Previously known as :iconmetalclawx:


Fri Feb 20, 2015, 2:56 PM
Guess what guys? On Tuesday i'm gonna regularly do Live streams on Twitch TV at Noon.....this tuesday i'm gonna live stream DragonBall Xenoverse. I'll post a link on Tuesday before i begin and since is the first time i'm doing this i'm really excited..i hope to see you guys there and i'll do my best to be entertaining....i'll be playing for a few hours so...if their are late people that's okay...i intend to post these streams on Youtube in fragments..and i will be playing different games based on everyone's it won't be just wanted to put this

Skin by SanpaSazzaro
Image from…


Mon Feb 9, 2015, 7:26 AM
The time for the contest has begun!!!!

Let the reign of Knightmares begin!
UPDATE: if you don't want to do your own self..Do whatever idea comes to your mind. These entries will indeed play a major/minor role in the Second Arc of SCOCS
Details: You are to draw/create an image reflecting your Knightmare self....Or...if you wish..Your Rejected mode or your Forsaken self.
For those of you joining the contest with no clue what these things are...allow me to explain, though details have changed through the years..these are the final decisions and true details.

When a human's soul is tampered with....they turn into this when they die. A being of pure release. The appearance of the creature is reflected of the individuals can reference my gallery folder labeled Knightmare where i post certain details of this. Now...they come in two types...Monster..and humanoid. Monster-types have no control over themselves and go on bloody rampages, however in some cases they look like demonic animals..such as wolves, bears, snakes, etc. Humanoid's have a greater grasp on their control because they retain some semblance of their humanity. Their powers and appearance are dependent on their personality, they can be human in literal terms...they may appear to be a furry/lamia/reptile. However...all Knightmares have one thing in common..the Black and Gold their personality is stronger...they can be black and..whatever color suits you. THough i intend to update my own Knightmare is my Knightmare self from about a couple years ago Knightmare: Alexander by Sobata92

When someone turns into a Knightmare but wishes they had died instead, or just reject their existence, their power backfires and they become these monsters who continuously suffer. They can't control their body, however they have to suffer and bear witness to every thing they do. Thus the name 'The Rejected'...they are nothing but pure monsters of despair.

Now this is fairly new-ish and has been altered through a lot of stuff....
It's complicated.....A Forsaken is a mix between Rejected and Knightmare state....sort of like a go between or a middle.
When an individual undergoes the Knightmare transformation under incredible emotional trauma...their psyche splits into two. The first half is the body...where the human memory remains...they try to continue life..despite knowing what they are. The second half is their Monster self.....a sort of..Symbiotic relationship. One Cannot live without the other. The two struggle for dominance for the entirety of their existence. However they can still look like a monster, but be as docile as a human child. Misunderstood..they only wish to be human again hating the idea of fighting for it will bring out the monster inside of them. Oddly..they are peace loving. Again the same rule applies..except when it comes to appearance they look like an amalgamation of pain and sorrow. Random human parts over their body with monstrous spines, spikes, armor...pretty much a frankenstein-esque creature.

Now then..if you have questions feel free to note me..and ON TO THE DETAILS!!!

This contest starts now and anyone is allowed to do it. This will go on until....August 19th of this year. I'm giving plenty of time for people who are allowed any number of entries you wish. You can enter as many as you like..hell you can enter all three types if you want, Knightmare, Forsaken, Rejected.

I do not judge on skill alone...i also judge on creativity..and entertainment value, and i have a side judge to assist me so their is no bias or favoritism. 

PRIZES (You decide if you want money or points for DA)

1st: $50 (or point equivalent)

2nd: $40

3rd: $30

4th: $20

5th: $10

I will be doing a random prize...this is not judge based...but completely random....Two heard me...TWO individuals who did not make it in to winning the top five prizes..will receive a prize by random number generating(picking at random)...i will pick one entry from each individual (that includes only one from people who do multiple entries) 

and that a one year Premium Membership on here!!!...I'm trying to mke everyone a winner so...yeah....but...details may change depending on how many people luck everyone

Entries so far

Contest entry by Socius92contest entry #2 by Socius92Contest entry 3 by Socius92contest entry 4 by Socius92contest entry 5 by Socius92

Knightmare Contest Entry 1 by eternalhavoc

Skin by SanpaSazzaro
Image from…

SCOCS Popularity. Which character from SCOCS do you think is the best? (couldn't fit everyone) 

2 deviants said Sobata Atami
2 deviants said Renalius Velstein
No deviants said Soki Hayashi
No deviants said Sonia and Alter
No deviants said Angel
No deviants said Whitey and Trimi
No deviants said Bunny and Bloody
No deviants said Taro Nagano
No deviants said Zypher Havoc
No deviants said Vaebrae


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